Simply Sunday ~ (formally) Do you remember records?

I grew up in a household in which my older brother censored the music I was allowed to listen to. Good thing as an adolescent my dream luv was Donny Osmond. The church I attended with my grandparents had no piano or organ but we sang hymns happily on Sunday and weeknight bible study. Often, we would sing hymns in the car or around the kitchen preparing a meal or washing dishes up. As an older teenager (when I was able to escape my brother the sensor) I enjoyed the Eagles, Boston, Chicago, Beatles, Reo Speed wagon (though the later – I don’t remember what songs they sang). Really, I listened to a lot of music but never was one to run out and buy albums or know who all the artists were.

I do enjoy a vast array of music though I will never be one to match all of the artists with all of the songs (my sons do a good job at that!). I like to understand the lyrics and am not a fan of bass. Would you believe I gave birth to a music school grad? I know… I wouldn’t be so sure either. I did.

While I do enjoy listening to what are now the oldies, and even then some real old oldies as well as some contemporary tunes, I do tend to stick with Contemperary Christian Music on K-Love Radio I stream live in my office at work, car radio (just realized I have a broken antenna :ugh:) I have shared links for some of my favorite songs below on You-tube. Please note all do have their music available for sale / download and I cannot stress strongly enough to please support these artists by purchasing their music.

Below I will share a few favorite songs, I hope you have time check some (or all) of them out. They help me keep God in my day. K-love has what they call a 30 day challenge, listen to Christian music for 30 days and see if it does not change your life. Try it!

Today I am re-posting an article that was originally categorized under Daily Prompts “records”.  Some of my favorite Contemporary Christian songs.  I hope you enjoy!

Lyrics – Holy Spirit written by: Brian & Katie Torwalt

Good Father Lyrics – written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown

At the Cross (Love Ran Red) Lyrics Written by; Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jonas Myrin, Matt Armstrong, Matt Redman

Come As You Are lyrics – Crowder written by Writer(s): David Crowder, Matt Maher and Ben Glover

One more

If We’re Honest lyrics written by; Writer(s): Francesca Battistelli / Jeff Pardo / Molly E. Reed

Remember – Please note all artists do have their music available for sale / download and I cannot stress strongly enough to please support these artists by purchasing their music.

Thank you!

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