Loosing touch with all that matters. . .

In recent days I have found myself with more time contemplating on several matters that are going on in the world, country, state, surround me and . . . flow through me.  Topics, issues, people close to my heart I ponder and stay in prayer.  Knowing our Father is always there has been a comfort in my life that I wish all knew.  With a variety of stresses in our world, country, state and religious events/issues at hand I have heard (and read) many clergy suggest staying in prayer.  Something so easy for some, others struggle with.  Staying close to God does not guarantee and easy pass in our lives or that he will give us what we want, when we want it or that we will ever see it.    

Prayer is about offering thanks to our loving Father, asking for continued guidance, support and love.  So often (as in earlier today) I have read of prayers being compared to a Christmas time “Santa list”, yes there are many who think this way but it is only because they have never been taught or told differently.

This morning I felt drawn to a website I do not frequent. I found myself reading that a beloved Pastor  who I have read and written about passed away.  Rev. Dr. John Pelletier  passed on September 15, 2018.  His informative obituary can be found and read here: Please take a moment to read . . .

Though I never met Reverend Pelletier learning some of his story though a parishioner, then research for my article on revoking the celibacy requirement.  I have listened to a handful of his homilies, feeling torn for listening – finding a comfort from my childhood,  “bad” because I have been a practicing Catholic and I know he was not in “good standing” with the Roman Catholic church.  Details in his above obituary, he was a Priest for many years and left the church to walk a new path in and with Him.

Odd though that it is –  how so many abusers; Priests, Bishops, Cardinals remain in “good standing” and those holding them up – no?  Whom is the good example?  Who really walked the talk?  

Loosing touch with all that matters?

In truth I know our Father set me about on this path.  I have had a very close relationship with our Father and have followed where He has led though not always clear and certainly to the confusion of myself and others and sometimes I would dare to say frustration with several of us.   Still, I persist as a child I suppose – as that is what He has asked of me.   Two things that appear as one.  This article however is not about me. 

This is about a good and faithful man of God who lived his life in Christ *as Jesus taught.  His wisdom, honesty, knowledge and love flowed through the homilies I have listened to and I dare say I will over time listen to a few more.  Once a month it seems there was “open discussion” on the gospel reading which in listening to you hear women – and men offering what they took away from a particular reading with the reverend speaking mostly at the end.  Reminding me that this is how Jesus would have taught, listening to those thoughts and questions from the groups He spent time with.

These homilies are different in many ways from those we hear in the Roman Catholic church.  They offer historic and geographic insight into readings as well as the stories so that we hear lessons on proper perspective. 

I know there are clergy and perhaps others in the church who may consider Pastor Pelletier smugly for his life choices, however He lived a good life in God and abided by His teachings and lessons.   He had so much to offer and teach all of us.

“He doesn’t say I want you to be identical to me, He doesn’t say I want you to be identical to all those people, He says; I want you to know that God identifies with all those people and what you do to them, you do to me” Reverend John Pelletier

Please take the time to listen to his last published homily:  ‘Identity/Identify – Matthew 25: 31ff.’ August 19, 2018 by Rev. Dr. John Pelletier  

“loosing touch with all that matters. . . .”Reverend John Pelletier

. . . a  quote I have pulled from this sermon.  My mind thought back to yesterday, when I read a facebook post about the costs and desire to erect a statue of the “Virgin Mary” on the southern boarder wall.  Loosing touch with all that matters ~ My first thought was “why not Jesus?  Kneeling with arms outstretched as in “let them come unto me”.  Then I thought – why not spend the funds on aid to assist those needing legal help.  Christianity is Jesus Christ, Mary served her part in giving birth but the focus is always to be God.  Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

God > teachings *of God who is Love.  Always first.

Have you lost touch with what really matters in Him, in life?  Thoughts to ponder.

Prayers offered with thanks for a man who walked with, talked with and taught Jesus.  He will be missed for sure by all those that knew him personally, as parishioners and those few such as myself who stumbled across his homilies and teachings in most unexpected ways.  May he rest peacefully in His arms.

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