Simply Sunday ~ If you fall

This morning I ran across a petition by a young mom in a neighboring town.  She is asking people to sign a petition to the Archdioceses to keep the only parochial school left in town.  Their newly assigned Priest is said to be closing the school.  I would hasten to guess that is a decision made at the level of the Archdioceses office months ago.  In truth, I do not know the details of the how and why.  I do believe it is a mistake.  The church is known to have money.  Millions are being spent on some park near the city Cathedral. Attendance is dwindling, children are not being raised in the faith.  Part of the solution to this is parochial school.  Mixed up priorities.

When my sons were small, we chose to move to a small town and spend more money on housing than a private school would cost.  Now, I bring my grand-baby to mass every week, talk to him about Jesus, sing and read to him about Jesus.  His daddy isn’t feeling the call to mass right now though he is happy that I am bringing baby.  We have talked about towns to live in, schools and he has said even if I have to live in a town that doesn’t have a good school system – baby can go to parochial school if we can afford it (and often the schools have assisted families with financial difficulties).

The Church is suffering many growing pains, largely in part to the lack of progress and  ability to change.  Things I have written about here before and will write more of in the future.  Life has been very busy this past year but I have plans to have a little more free time to write again.  It matters.

One professional musician that has been on my radar has not made it “big” though she is passionate about her work, her family and our Father.  Over time I will share more of her music.  It is a mix of Christian contemplative and music for little ones.  Both are enjoyed in our home.  She does tour and perform for churches too.

The song I chose to post for Simply Sunday this week is by JJ Heller ~ If you fall.  Lyrics and my feelings about them below the video.


Words and Music by Dave and JJ Heller

You are a house that’s broken down
You are a house that’s burning
And everything in me wants to run
But that’s not love

If you fall, I fall with you
If you hurt I feel it too
Even if my heart turns black and blue
I will love you

I planted seeds down in the ground
Not every one is growing
When I am tempted to give up
I choose love

If you fall, I fall with you
If you hurt I feel it too
Even if my heart turns black and blue
I will love you

Beauty and light will fight for you
Goodness will rise
It shines for you



My interpretation.

I believe many of us see the church as a house that is broken, burning and in need of love and care in order to restore it to the simple ways in which Jesus lived and taught.  .  There are many times over recent years I have felt bruised and beaten down and I realize this is something many Christians have experienced in one way or another.  There were times when I wanted to  “run” / leave, but He called me to be here so here I am. Running/leaving is not love.  Love bears all things. Love – hopes for all things.

I believe God is disappointed in some of the decisions, choices and teachings that have been made in His name.    Millions have been hurt by these such things.  God feels that pain with us.  We join together to fight to overcome the darkness and bring light back to the church and each other.

I am specifically dedicating this posting to our clergy who in truth are wonderful loving human beings charged with the task of living as super humans which they are not.  They are the beautiful loving sons our Father created, who have given their lives to make our world better and all to often we forget all about them when we walk out the door after mass.  I pray the powers that be make the corrective actions necessary to revoke the clerical celibacy rule and allow all men of strong integrity, character and love of God to serve as a Priest in His church, a married clergy as God designed.  We have parishes closing, not enough clergy to cover churches and more and more schools closing.  It is time for change.  It is time to return Gods loving gifts to all men who love Him so very much, enough to serve in His name.  It is time to grow and allow the church and all of its peoples to flourish.

Blessings on this ~ Simply Sunday